Mycowerks is a community space and online magazine by creatives for creatives. Based on the nature of fungi, it explores how communication, collaboration, a sense of community, and our connectedness to one another and the planet can help in our efforts for a more sustainable future of fashion.

With the magazine rooted in a collaborative practice, Mycowerks creates a space for its contributors and their work, opening up conversations to share insightful experiences and knowledge. A space for collective change bringing new perspectives to the industry. A space shaped by the young creatives whose voices it celebrates.
We aim to highlight more mindful approaches and show examples of how we can be kinder to people and planet. Our purpose is to make educational content accessible to everyone. 

Our creative network encourages like-minded creatives to connect with one another and form new collaborative bonds. Mycowerks has grown in collaboration with fungi and you. Reach out to us to become part of our growing creative collective.

Art Direction and Graphic Design Lara Coassin

~ (Form Connections)