~ (1) A Fungal Computer

Photography Lara Coassin
Model Ellis Smith
Words Lilly Marie Goodman

What could the future of computing look like? Well,  Andrew Adamatzky (Unconventional Computing Lab) has an inkling it might look like an entangled mycelial network acting as a living circuit board.
He is a scientist in the field of ‘biocomputing’* taking much inspiration from our fungal friends. Their mycelial networks can stretch thousands of miles, monitoring the environment around them and computing this information through spikes of electrical activity. Just imagine if we could tap into this information and utilise fungal computers to gain a better understanding of changes in our ecosystem.

Could mushrooms be the middle man, the communicator, between humans and nature? If nature could speak to us, would we listen?
As Merlin Sheldrake’s mushroom-book title says, we are truly living an Entangled Life. Let us collaborate, for a sustainable future on our precious planet.

* (the design and construction of computers using biochemical components) ~